The Best Dab Torch (2021 GUIDE)

best dab torch

We decided to write this article, due to been bombarded with questions lately, asking what is the best dab torch ?

The dab torch game in recent years has been elevated due to a meteroic rise in people using concentrates, so it has become essential for any dabber to be investesting in a good torch is a vital part of any dabber’s arsenal.  Finding a good one is just as important as finding a good dab nail.

A butane “dab torch” is a device that uses butane gas to generate a concentrated flame as hot as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for heating up a quartz banger, titanium or ceramic nail.  These torches are refillable, and are the most popular choice for dabbers when it comes to heating sources because of their effectiveness, control, and cheap cost and availability of butane.

But with so many brands of torches out there, how does a dabber choose the best torch for their next sesh?  As industry experts, and knowledgable dabbers as well as product testers, Smoke Cartel is here to help you find a reliable torch for you.

What do customers often consider when choosing a butane dab torch?

  • Style:  Your torch should look as good as your rig.  We highly recommend Cinderwitch torches for their style, but it’s up to your taste.
  • Flame Size: A good torch should produce a controlled, powerful flame that does not vary.
  • Control: Users like to adjust the size of their flame to match their needs, whether it’s a low-temp dab, or to clean their nails.

Dank Packs curated selection of the top dab torches have been both tested and user reviewed by some of the industries biggest and influencial “dabbers” and medical dispensary owners.  Some come and get your A-Game on with some of the best dab torches to be on the market in 2021.