Slap N Tickle Female Cannabis Seeds by Cannarado Genetics


Brand Cannarado Genetics
Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 56-70 Days
Genetics GMO x Grape Pie
Type Hybrid
Seed Type Female

Slap N Tickle cannabis seeds by Cannarado Genetics are a new release from this pioneering American seed company.

Slap N Tickle is a balanced hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor gardens in legal environments. Cannarado Genetics report flowering times of between 56-70 days, and plants lean toward indica traits, with vigorous branching and shorter stretching thanks to the balanced pedigree and inbred stability.
Flavours are a funk-fest of dank and over-ripe fruit with the GMO perfectly complimenting the fruity Grape Pie in the genetics.
This is an exceptionally potent strain that has achieved some very high THC percentages. Slap N Tickle is sure to be very popular with collectors of unusual crosses and fans of Rocky Mountain cannabis in general.

Cannarado Genetics started experimenting with cannabis breeding way back in the late 1990’s and have been honing and perfecting their art ever since. A team of Colorado locals, Cannarado Genetics have embraced the legal medical and recreational laws in their home state and begun sharing their unique clone-only crosses with the rest of the world. With a passion for breeding and a culture of perfectionism, Cannarado aim to give each customer a keeper from every single pack of cannabis seeds. This new range of exotic crosses will do exactly that, and perfectly showcases why we’re proud to have Cannarado Genetics as part of the Puresativa family.


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