Rosin Press Bag 11x5cm Pack 10 Units by Qnubu


Units 10 Units Per Pack
Micron’s 25, 37, 90, 120, 160
Size 11x5cm
Type Food Grade Nylon, Heat & Pressure Resistant

The Qnubu rosin press bags are specially designed nylon filter bags for producing herbal essential oils and rosin extractions.
Designed for use with the Qnubu one-ton extraction press, these rosin press bags are strong, durable and both heat and pressure-resistant.

Simply place your raw plant material inside the bag and apply heat and pressure with a rosin press to create solventless essential oils in minutes. The durable rosin press bags are suitable for use with delicate plants like rose petals and lavender, as well as hardier plant matter such as pine or conifer for creating viscous rosin.

The 11cm x 5cm bags are available in a choice of micron sizes ranging from 25 micron to 160 micron mesh. The different micron sizes are for different grades of raw material, simply select your preferred size from the drop-down menu.


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