Rosetta Stone XX Female Cannabis Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds


BrandBrothers Grimm Seeds
Pack Size8 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorOut-Door
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
MorphologyThese are big, vigorous plants
LineageJack Herer female x Cinderella 99 “pollen donor”.
YieldWe yield 4-6 dry ounces from a 4-foot plant. Heavy Yield.
Seed TypeFeminised

We received so much popular demand to re-issue Rosetta Stone that it was decided to go one better.  MrSoul had wanted this release to be even heavier in resin production and overall yield without sacrificing flavor.  This Rosetta Stone flowers a bit longer, but what a joy it is to behold these sparkling colas finishing their last couple of weeks.  It clones remarkably well and is generally an easy plant to grow.


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