ROOR Vaporizer – XL Temperature Controlled

Brand ROOR
Material Pyrex
Vape Type Desktop
Vaporizer Use Dry Herb
Colour Clear

ROOR Vaporizer XL temperature controlled

The latest innovation from the guys at RooR is their unique and highly sought after roor vaporizer. Made from pure Schott Duran Pyrex this pinnacle of vaporizer technology is made to last and perform to the highest standards.

You can tell by looking at the body and heating element of this unique vaporizer from roor that they have carefully designed this vap from the ground up to be the best glass vaporizer on the planet. By utilising water in the body fo the vap they have ensured that your vapor is not contaminated by any particulates and that the vapor is cooled for an completely irritant free experience.

Having tried many vaporizers on the market we can say that the roor vaporizer is by far the best available at the minute. Another plus point is that once you have got th heating element upto temperature you can leave it plugged in for hours and it is ready to go whenever you have the need to use it.


Here are the simple instructions…


  • Fill the ROOR-Vapor body with a little water (until just above the holes) . The water filters all solids out of the vapour while also cooling it.
  • Place head with stainless steel screen on body. Put the leaves, finely ground with a mill, into the head until the screen is fully covered.
    Now place the heating element on the filled head.
  • Connect the heating element to the power adapter and power plug with the socket.
  • You should inhale slowly and continuously for optimum efficiency.
  • The vaporisation process is complete when the green of the leaves turns yellow, the taste becomes  unpleasant and there is no more vapour being produced.

With the XL model, the controller MUST be placed between the power adapter and heating element.
NEVER connect without controller otherwise too much power will enter the heating element and the device may be damaged.

User instructions

Caution: To avoid damaging the heating element, NEVER BLOW into the ROOR-Vapor.

Set the temperature adjustment controller to the required temperature. The optimum temperature for resinous leaves is 180/190°C on the regulation display. (XL version only)


1-  90°C        6   – 190°C
2- {0>«{0>110°C<}0{>110°C<0}        {0>7  – 200°C<}0{>7  – 200°C<0}
3- 130°C        8   – 210°C
4- 150°C        9  – 220°C
5- 180°C        10- 230°C

Allow 10 minutes for warming up before use.

As soon as a sufficient temperature is reached, the ROOR-Vapor can be left on for several hours and used without preheating.

After inhaling several times, remove the heating element (take care, it will be very hot) and place on the stand. Avoid other materials as these could be highly flammable or heat-sensitive. Alternatively, the heating element itself may be damaged. Then use the glass rod to stir the leaves to ensure complete vaporisation.


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