Roor 500 Rasta Blue Series


Height 37cm
Glass Thickness 3mm
Material Pyrex
Bong Type Straight
Joint Female

Roor bongs the ultimate smoking equipment offer their entry level roor water pipes, the original and the best these Blue Series roor glass products are value for money combined with brilliant craftsmanship.

The Roor Rasta Bong 500 means simply it will take 500ml of smoke, is 3mm thick and has a joint size of either 14.5 or 18.8 depending on your preference on draw and drag.

Made in Germany these water pipes are sought after by the smoker who requires their equipment to be the best, these cult objects have been used by olympians and leaders around the globe.

By choosing a roor bong you are not choosing just any product you are making a statement about your lifestyle, your objectives and your status. Known by many as the Rolex of Smoking Pipes, the Roor Blue Series allows the user to gain a knowledge fo the Superior product that is Roor but at a price point that won’t break the bank. By using schott duran pyrex roor have produced design classics that stand the test of time. These roor bongs are long lasting, strong and very well made.

With sci-glass on glass ground joints nothing comes between you and your smoke, no contaminants or oxidisation from the inert glass used in the manufacture of every component


  • 3 part water pipe
  • ground joint: 14.5mm or 18.8mm
  • glass thickness: 3mm
  • special features: hexagon base
  • Unique Rasta Logo


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