Purple i420 Smoking System by Incredibowl


Brand Incredibowl
Colour Purple
Height 26cm
Material Plastic
Bong Type Hand Pipe

The Physics of the Incredibowl

The i420 brings a list of world-class features to the table, using revolutionary engineering to provide smoother, cooler, easier hits, and our patented filtration method to filter harmful tars, allowing the good stuff to pass through. Add to that the i420’s virtually indestructible design, simple cleaning, and lifetime warranty, and it’s easy to see why it wowed judges in Amsterdam. All models come with certificate of authenticity and lifetime warranty.

The Nozzle acts as a heat sink while the hot smoke pools inside it, then the cooled smoke passes across the even cooler fine-mesh stainless-steel screen. Unlike pieces with metal screens near the heat, the tars in the smoke are cooled and have condensed by the time they pass through the screen, making them thicker, stickier, and easier for the screen to catch. The cooled, filtered smoke expands into the Expansion Chamber. When gasses expand, they increase in volume, decrease in density, and lose energy in the form of heat in the process. Other pieces leave much of this cooling, filtering, and expansion to occur in your throat and lungs, resulting in harshness and lost flavor.

When you create suction, you’re creating a difference in pressure between the Expansion Chamber and the atmosphere outside the chamber (which your suction doesn’t affect). When you pull the carb, the pressure inside the chamber has to become equal to the pressure outside, which forces air through the carb holes. The geometric arrangement of the holes causes the air to rush into the chamber as a symmetrical system of air jets that displaces the smoke quickly and smoothly into your lungs.

Other pipes and steamrollers let the air coming through the carb mix with the smoke because of turbulence, actually increasing the amount you have to inhale, and still make you create suction to inhale the mixture. Waterpipes make your lungs work even harder, because the water acts as a pressure lock that prevents the carb air from flowing any more than can fit in each bubble. The Incredibowl’s carb uses the suction you’ve already created to blast large or small volumes of cooled, filtered, flavorful smoke into your lungs.


  • Borosillocate Bowl – Preserves Flavour
  • Bowl Armor – Protects the glass bowl in a precision-machined aluminium shell
  • Annular Purge Carb – 360 Degrees Carb design uses 13 air jets arranged symetrically around the circumference to clear smoke instantly
  • Smoke Injection Nozzle – Draws heat from smoke before filtering it through a downstream stainless steel screen
  • Expansion Chamber – Creates a turbulence-free chamber for optimal smoke expansion. Made from shatterproof, easy-to-clean polycarbonate


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