Pre98 Bubba BX2 Regular Cannabis Seeds by The Cali Connection


Pack Size 10 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
DNA Clone turned into Seed
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Original Bubba pre 98
Seed Type Regular

Pre-98 Bubba BX2 by the  Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank, the cali connection once again bring you some of the finest cannabis seeds in the business. Based mainly on genetics from the Californian Coast, USA. These guys marry the finest marijuana strains with their favourite OG Kush legendary strain, to produce some of the finest potweed seeds with rare genetic material not usually available to seed collectors. In the growing collectors market place this is sure to make Cali Connection popular. This is a strain originally in cutting form that Cali Connection decided they wanted to stabilise and make available in seed form. This is the the original Bubba used in the Corleone Kush strain.

or as the guys say

“My goal is to lock the Pre98 Bubba Kush clone into seed. She is solid ….. with no stretch and makes golf ball style nuggets.”

  • Clone turned into Seed
  • Original Bubba pre 98
  • Used in Corleone Kush


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