Pineapple Pellazino Cannabis Seeds by Terp Hogz


BrandTerpHogz Geneticz
Pack Size10 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time6-7 Weeks
DNA80/20 Indica/Sativa
LineagePineapple Hindu ZkittleZ x Pellezino
Seed TypeRegular

Pineapple Pellezino cannabis seeds from Terp Hogz is a new strain from the seed company behind the famous Zkittlez strain that continues to dominate elite cannabis breeding in the USA.

This indica dominant strain is derived from a cross of Pineapple Hindu Zkittlez x Pellezino and just like Terp Hogz other strains, it is heavy on the zesty terps and of such incredible potency that it should be a treat for even the most experienced out there.

Pineapple Pellezino cannabis seeds have an approximate flowering time of 60 days and are sold in packs of 10 regular seeds. Expect a fusion of fruit sharpness with pronounced pineapples and oranges, backed by the familiar Zkittlez power that we all know and love.

Zkittlez is already certain of its place in any cannabis hall of fame, such is the impact that the strain’s arrival has had upon the counter culture community. Zkittles has an air of mystery about its origins – there are two declared parent strains in Grape Ape and Grapefuit, but there is a third, undisclosed contributor to these genetics that is simply listed as “unknown strain”. Whatever that secret ingredient is, it has guided Zkittlez to numerous industry awards and propelled breeders, Terp Hogz to the very forefront of elite US cannabis genetics.


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