Jungle Boys – Wedding Cake


Jungle Boy Mylar Bags – Wedding Cake

10 x Jungle Boys Mylar Bag (3.5g) & 10 x Wedding Cake Labels

  • Perfect size for storing 3.5g to 7g of contents
  • Smell proof bags with zip lock seal
  • Directly from the USA
  • Holograms + Labels included.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We only stock the HIGHEST QUALITY BAGS – Directly from California, USA
  • We are the Largest Supplier of Cali Packs & Cali Tins in the EU
  • We ship WORLDWIDE
  • We Have THOUSANDS of happy customers.
  • Award Winning Customer Service

DISCLAIMER: This product is a EMPTY bag and does not contain any illegal substances or suggested to be used for any illegal activities. Bags recommended be used to keep food, or other items fresh.


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