The Fury Edge vaporizer is one of Healthy Rips’ most popular vaporizers since its younger brother the Fury 2 vaporizer came out. Healthy Rips fans just can’t get enough of this new-generation vape, and we’re so excited for you to experience its true potential, and make the best out of each session!

Yes, The Fury Edge vape is much smaller than most of the popular vapes on the market, but that is what gives it even more charm! Since it’s only 2” x 1” x 3.5” (51.8 x 27.4 x 90.5mm) in size, it can fit anywhere during your adventures, and you can easily stow it away with its protective ‘smell’ cap on to minimize any odors and to keep it safe during your travels!


  • For Dry Herb Herb & Concentrates
  • Convection Heating Technology
  • 2300mAh Polymer Battery
  • Stainless Steel Heating Coil
  • Kirk site Alloy Unibody Design
  • Glass Vapor Path
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • OLED Flip Display Screen
  • 20 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Quick Charging Time
  • Haptic Feedback (Vibration)
  • 5 Minute Auto Shut-Off
  • Low Draw Resistance
  • Very Portable
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Very Durable


When it comes to vaping dry herb, many people prefer to use a full convection heating vaporizer because it is much less harsh on the dry herb, and it produces tastier denser vape hits. When vaping concentrates, convection heating is also preferred because though it reaches very high temperatures, it always preserves the full flavor profile of the concentrates and makes using wax in the Fury Edge vaporizer super enjoyable!

The Fury Edge has the most advanced convection heating system of any of the Fury vaporizers, and it’s highly esteemed in the eyes of critics and fans alike! It offers the best vapor for both dry herbs and concentrates, and since it heats up to both low and high temperatures, you have full control over the type of vapor you want!


The Fury Edge might be petite, but it’s packed full of state-of-the-art technology that sets it years apart from many of the vapes on the market today. The Fury Edge is complete with haptic feedback to alert you of anything going on with the vaporizer such as when it reaches the desired temperature when it’s running low on battery, and when it turns on.

It’s also complete with precise temperature control which you can adjust directly from the vaporizer, and which you can see on the full OLED flip screen. We love a vaporizer that has precise temperature controls because it’s so much easier to customize vaping sessions depending on your mood and on the type of materials you’re using.

It also has an auto shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity, and this really helps you save battery power, which is always nice on your adventures! Not to mention, it’s the battery is super powerful and can heat up in less than 20 seconds, and it charges super quickly (90 minutes maximum!).

Though not one of it’s interior technology, the Fury Edge is also made with Kirksite Alloy Unibody technology, meaning the entire vape’s exterior is one seamless piece. This technology makes the vaporizer incredibly durable and long-lasting.


The Fury Edge vape is made to resemble the other Fury vaporizer units in Healthy Rips’ original design. It is small, sleek, and comes in a great all-black model that makes a great compliment to any style preferences. We love the design of the Fury Edge because it’s so sleek! It looks futuristic while remaining very minimalistic and streamlined. What’s not to love about that?!

In terms of portability, the vaporizer itself is incredibly easy to take with you anywhere because it comfortably fits into any pocket, porc, or purse. This is another very strong point of this vaporizer, and it’s one we truly enjoy. Not to mention it’s also lightweight, so it’s not too much to add to an already heavy pack.


The Fury Edge vaporizer boasts an incredible 2300mAh Polymer battery that powers the vape like no other. We were very interested in Healthy Rips’ choice in a Polymer battery as opposed to the usual Lithium-Ion battery most vapes have, and now we see just how genius it was to add this type of battery. It performs beautifully during every session, and it offers unequaled power to this little vape.

The Fury Edge vape charges in a super quick amount of time, averaging at about 70 minutes, but it can come to take up to 90 minutes if the charger is a little older. The USB-C charger is high quality, and it charges your vaporizer so quickly, so we really like it!


  • 1 x FURY EDGE Device
  • ​1 x Protective ‘Smell’ Cover
  • 1 x Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​
  • 1 x Accessories Attachment for Glass
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece for Attachment
  • ​1 x USB-C Charging Cord
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Oil & Wax Pad
  • 1 x Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
  • 1 x Wax & Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x User Manual


Size 2” x 1” x 3.5” (51.8mm x 27.4mm x 90.5mm)
Weight 5.6oz (158.7g)
Vapor Path Glass
Temperature Presets No
Temperature Settings Precise Temperature Control
Temperature Range 160°C – 221°C (320°F – 430°F)
Battery 2300mAh Polymer Battery
Heating Style / Coil Material Convection / Stainless Steel Coil
Chamber / Oven Material Isolated Stainless Steel and Glass
Compatible Materials Dry Herb and Concentrates
Oven Capacity .175g  –  .205g
Attachments Fury Edge Bubbler
Control Interface Buttons / OLED Display Screen
Delivery Method Direct Pull
Body Material Kirk site Alloy Unibody
Mouthpiece Material Glass
Manufacturer Healthy Rips
Made In Canada
Designed In California
Warranty One Year Free Replacement Warranty

Lifetime 1/2 Price Replacement Warranty

​*Excludes loss, tampering, physical damage, or liquid damage.


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