Frozen Lemons Female Cannabis Seeds by Dank Genetics


Brand Dank Genetics
Pack Size 7 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Genetics Lemon G x Sunset Sherbet
Type Hybrid
Seed Type Female

Frozen Lemons Female Cannabis Seeds by Dank Genetics

Frozen Lemons cannabis seeds by Dank Genetics are a new release from this intriguing UK-based seed company.
Dank Genetics’ team has exclusive access to a wealth of exotic genetics from the USA that would otherwise be rarely seen in UK cannabis. Their company mission is to create “dank” – playful slang for cannabis of extremely high quality. Dank Genetics have collaborated with many US seed companies in order to forward their mission. By selecting the finest, rarest strains with the most pronounced terpene profiles, Dank Genetics have bred new life into the UK market – quite literally – and this latest drop of strains will further cement their reputation as one of the most exciting European seed companies to emerge in the last few years.

Frozen Lemons is a balanced hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor gardens in legally operating climates. Growers can expect strong, vigorous plants with flowering times of between 8-10 weeks, before they are rewarded with good sized yields of resin-heavy goodness.
Flavours and aromas are very much in keeping with the genetic lineage – sharp, zesty lemons from the Lemon G and the familiar OG Kush terps from the Sunset Sherbet. This is an elite strain that showcases a winning blend of US and Euro genetics and is sure to be popular with fans of pronounced limonene in their cannabis.


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