Exodus Female Cannabis Seeds by Seedism


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Brand Seedism
Pack Size 5 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
DNA Mostly Sativa (70%-80%)
Genetics Sativa
Lineage Cheese clone S1
Yield Medium to High
Seed Type Feminised

Exodus Female Cannabis Seeds by Seedism, Amsterdam.  The folks at Seedism are some of the most innovative marijuana breeders in the world.  Much of their knowledge is gleaned from the famous Cannabis College in Amsterdam, which is also where they choose to base themselves.

Seedism’s connections have brought them in contact with many special varieties of cannabis from all over the globe.  By collaborating with other breeders, Seedism have developed a very desirable knack of creating knock-out strains.

This Exodus was derived by backcrossing the Cheese clone from their incredible Cheesewreck strain until they had a stable, cheesy variety.  When cultivated in a legal climate, Seedism’s Cheese produces good yields.  The plants need full support as the side branches grow to the height of the main stem.  This is a vigorous strain that packs a serious punch.  Seedism Cheese’s potency is matched perhaps only by it’s incredible strength of flavour – simply superb.

This is a real connoisseur strain that deserves a place in any souvenir hunter’s collection.  Order now from PureSativa.com and help preserve the genetics of this amazing strain for future generations.

  • Genetics: Cheese clone S1
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks
  • Mostly Sativa (70%-80%)
  • Yield – High


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