El Fuego Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds by DNA Genetics


Pack Size6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time60 Days
TypeIndica Dominant
LineageEl Fuego x Ruderalis
Yield28-40 gr per plant
Seed TypeAuto Feminised

El Fuego was one of the first marijuana strains to be launched in DNA Genetics’ new GYO collection.  Available in packs of 6 feminised seeds, the GYO collection is designed to make the preservation of DNA’s elite genetics more accessible and affordable than ever before.  DNA Genetics have now released El Fuego as feminized auto-flowering seeds.

El Fuego or The Fire is a special variety of marijuana, bred solely for its astonishing resin production.  This indica dominant variety of cannabis is a big favourite of the DNA Army due to the simplicity with which it can be grown.  DNA’s test grows of this strain – conducted in their legal climate – showed extremely resinous plants with a crystalline blanket of trichomes.  El Fuego is not called ‘The Fire’ for nothing: this is also a very potent strain of cannabis – legal medical patients who use El Fuego have reported relaxing, therapeutic effects and great appetite stimulation.  A unique and special strain of auto-flowering cannabis from DNA Genetics that is sure to be popular with expert and novice seed collectors alike.


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