The NonaVonG XLS is one of the incredible vape units that is a part of DynaVap’s Vong series. This series of portable, high-quality dry herb vaporizers were carefully designed to be used flawlessly with 14mm female fitting glass pieces, water pipes and bongs. The units that are included in DynaVap’s Vong series were not only designed to be used with glass pieces but were made to also offer you an incredible portable vape experience like no other.

From the Vong series, the NonaVonG XLS is the largest, meaning that it has an extra-large Condenser. This XL Condenser or ‘body’ allows it to produce more cooled, smooth vapor that satisfied users vape needs like never before. In general, this unit is the definition of what a durable, portable dry herb vaporizer should be and it is by far one of the best options on the market for portable, cheap vaporizers.


As mentioned above, one of the things that makes the NonaVonG XLS amazing is that is was specifically designed to fit perfectly with any type of 14mm female fitting glass pieces, water pipes and bongs. This gives the user the chance to try new things and experience versatility with their unit. Users claim that connecting the NonaVonG XLS to a water pipe or bong actually allows it to produce a larger amount of vape. So, if you would like to get more vape out of your unit and experience new flavours and consistencies, connect your unit to your favourite glass piece and enjoy something new!

The NonaVonG XLS features an incredible Titanium Cap that is placed over its sturdy stainless steel chamber. This Titanium Cap is completely unique and is only found on DynaVap units. Although this cap might seem unnecessary, it was made to offer the best manual heating experience. Instead of placing the flame directly on to your materials, you put on the cap and warm up the cap. In less than 10 seconds, you will have delicious vapor.

Due to the fact that this unit, like other DynaVap vaporizers, is completely manually heated, many assume that there is no real temperature control. However, you can actually control the temperature by where you place the flame on the titanium tip.

DynaVap NonaVong S next to DynaVap NonaVong XLS

On the top of the tip, you will get a lower temperature, which is perfect for freshly packed chambers. Once you start getting to the end of your material, move the flame to the bottom of the tip and you will get higher temps and a good last draw. Although this unit is completely manually heated and does not have electric parts that tell you its temperature, DynaVap added a small feature to this unit that makes it more than awesome. The NonaVonG XLS has a unique temperature indicating technology that lets you know when your unit is heated perfectly. It works with ‘clicks’. When your NonaVonG XLS is heated at the perfect temp, you will hear a click informing you that you can take a hit. You will hear a second click when it’s ready to be reheated. Always listen to these clicks. It’s your unit’s way of communicating!


DynaVap is famous in the vape community for designing and manufacturing some of the sturdiest and most long-lasting vaporizers on the market. Their units are the literal definition of a portable, discreet unit and this is all thanks to their small build and minimalistic design. The NonaVonG XLS and other DynaVap units are small, compact and super easy to take on the go. Simply grab your unit, put it in the complementary plastic storage tube and place it directly into your pocket. It’s that easy!

For those that prefer a more discreet and non-attention-seeking device, the NonaVonG XLS is definitely for you. The small size and simple design of this portable unit will make your life easy and allow you to feel completely stress-free when you’re vaping on the go. This unit is definitely one of the best options for portable and discrete units and we are confident that it will allow you to enjoy a vape experience like never before.

Woman Using DynaVap NonaVong XLS


DynaVap loves boasting about the vape quality of their units by saying “no smoke, just vape” and that’s exactly what this unit offers. Thanks to its smart design and long condenser, the NonaVonG XLS always offers smooth cooled vapor that brings out the real potential and taste of dry herb. Many users claim that DynaVap vaporizers offer some of the best tasting dry herb vapor on the market and we believe that this is all thanks to the quality of materials used to create their units and the attention to detail in their design that allow them to do so.

In today’s market of hardcore, monster cloud vaporizers, the NonaVonG XLS does not really hold up against its competition.

It is not that this unit does not produce incredible vapor and well-sized clouds but it simply can’t be compared with other big cloud vaporizers on the market. The NonaVong XLS and other DynaVap vaporizers are more than recommendable for those that prefer microdosing or who want a unit that will allow them to enjoy small vape sessions on demand.


Pros Cons
  • Super durable
  • Can Be Used With Water Pipes, Bongs and Glass Pieces (14mm)
  • Simple & Elegant Design
  • Delicious Vapor Production
  • Easy to Use
  • Battery-Free
  • Portable & Discreet
  • Long-Lasting
  • No ‘Learning Curve’
  • It has no temperature controls
  • Some users don’t like the Battery-free aspect of this unit.
  • Does not produce huge clouds of vapor.


One of the things that make DynaVap vaporizers so popular and sought-after is their incredible durability. Like other DynaVap vaporizers, the NonaVonG XLS has one of the most durable and long-lasting builds on the market today. It boasts a smooth Wood Stem and Mouthpiece that are not only gorgeous but also super sturdy. Its high-quality Titanium Tip also adds to its durability and ensures flawless functionality for years to come. With the NonaVonG XLS, you will finally be able to enjoy a portable vape experience and we know you deserve it.

Although the durability and endurance of this unit makes it more than recommendable, its beauty is also something that simply cannot go unmentioned. It is truly hard to find such a well-designed unit in today’s metal and glass-filled vape market. The NonaVonG XLS Wood body and Mouthpiece add that bit of class and elegance that make you feel like a vape boss. We are confident that you will fall in love with this unit’s design from the moment you unbox it.

The NonaVonG XLS body’s was not only designed to make you feel fancy however, it was designed for optimal functionality and ease of use. This unit has a trisected nonagon design that makes it completely roll resistant. Although this might sound unimportant, it is actually a great touch from the DynaVap team. When placed on a flat surface, this unit doesn’t roll, drop on the floor or make a mess like other units. Its slightly ‘bulky’ wood body also elevates the tip ensuring that you won’t burn the surface you place it on when it’s still hot. These small details are what make DynaVap vaporizers so amazing!


Tired of reading article after article about your vaporizer to learn how to use it? Are you done with difficult temperature controls and technical difficulties? DynaVap is here to save the day. DynaVap designed all of their units to be incredibly easy to use and easy to enjoy. No matter if you are a vape beginner or a vape OG, DynaVap vaporizers, like this NonaVonG XLS, are perfect for you. From the moment you unbox this unit, you will be able to unlock its full potential and start getting delicious vapor instantly.

One of the things that makes this unit super user-friendly is its non-electric, battery-free build. This unit does not have a battery, it does not have to recharge and does not have any complicated electric settings and features that can make your vape experience tiresome and tedious. No more running out of battery, no more having to wait to vape. With this unit, all you have to do is pack it, light it and enjoy. No hassle, no stress.


Although we would love to say that the NonaVonG XLS is perfect for everyone, it is not. Like all vaporizer on the market, this unit was designed to satisfy the needs of certain vape lovers, but each individual has his or her preferences, so it is impossible to say that it is perfect for everyone. One of the things that some people dislike about this unit is that it does not have any fancy electric features or temperature controls. However, if you want to enjoy a more ‘old style’ vape experience, this unit is perfect for you.

The NonaVonG XLS is also perfect for you if you have been searching for a dry herb vaporizer that is super portable and discreet. As mentioned above, this unit was made to offer a portable vape experience like no other, so this unit will definitely satisfy your needs. This unit is also perfect for glass piece, bong and water pipe lovers, for it was made specifically to pair with them! If a portable, easy to use, small and discreet vaporizer is what you have been searching for, you have definitely found what you need. The NonaVonG XLS is for you.


  • NONAVONG-XLS by DynaVap
  • Plastic Storage Tube (reusable)
  • User’s Manual

When you receive your NonaVonG XLS, the first thing you will see is the shiny and fancy bag-like packaging. Inside of the bag-like packaging, you will find your new NonaVonG XLS tucked safely into its sturdy plastic storage tube. As mentioned above, this sturdy storage tube can be reused when you need to pack your unit into travel-mode. You can simply place your unit in the tube to enjoy it on the go. The NonaVonG XLS User’s Manual will let you know all the maintenance necessities and show you how to start using your amazing unit.


Size 10.8 cm Height
Weight .7 oz / 20 g
Heating Type Manual
It Can Vaporize Dry herb
Temperature Range 300° F to 450° F (Manual)
Temp Presets None
Heat Up Time Less than 10 Seconds
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Chamber Capacity 0.1g
Vapor Path Material Stainless Steel
Screen None
Control Methods Manual
Made In USA
Made By DynaVap

**For legal use only


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