Crystal Catching Herb Grinder by Lady Sativa Genetics


Brand Lady Sativa Genetics
Material Aluminum
Width 6.5cm
Height 4.5cm
Colour Black

This crystal catching herb grinderĀ  4-part herb grinder from Lady Sativa Genetics is made from premium quality aluminium for strength and durability.

In addition to the actual grinder chamber, this shredder is equipped with a mesh screen which catches ground herbs and allows crystals and pollen to drop through to the lowest chamber. Over time, as you grind, you will accumulate a build-up of resin and essential oils in the lowest chamber which can be easily harvested.

The grinder has a smart, ergonomic design for optimum grip, making this an ideal choice for anyone with limited movement or dexterity in their fingers and hands.
The grinder measures 6.5cm in diameter and is finished with the iconic Lady Sativa logo etched onto the top.


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