Chaos Kush Female Cannabis Seeds by Elemental Seeds


BrandElemental Seeds
Pack Size6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
LineageTrueberry x Abba Zabba
YieldMedium to High
Seed TypeFeminised

Chaos Kush from Elemental Seeds is a highly collectable marijuana strain, based on the genetics of Elemental’s Trueberry strain, crossed with Abba Zabba.  The complex genetics give Chaos Kush a unique character and some very desirable traits.

When grown out in a legal climate, test growers have reported that Chaos Kush plants grow tall and chunky – plenty of room needed.  After the average 58-63 day flowering period, breeders are rewarded with good-sized harvests of buds.  The unusual terpene profile gives Chaos Kush marijuana a very interesting flavour: heavy on the lemons with the classic OG taste clearly present.  The kush-dominant effects are perfect to relieve stress and worry built up during the day.

This Indica-dominant cannabis variety comes in packs of 6 feminized, collectable, souvenir seeds.

  • Genetics – Trueberry x Abba Zabba
  • Type – Mostly Indica
  • Flowering time – 58-63 days
  • Yield – Medium/High


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