Blue D#5 Regular Cannabis Seeds by Old School Genetics


CollaborationKarma Genetics
BrandOld School Genetics
Pack Size12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time8-11 Weeks
LineageJosh D #1 x NL#5 x Blueberry 80’s
YieldMedium to High
Seed TypeRegular

Blue D #5 cannabis seeds from Old School Genetics – a special triple-threat fusion of classic cannabis genetics that create a complex, hybrid cannabis strain showcasing the very best attributes of her parent strains. Old School Genetics have used Josh D #1 (Karma Genetics) x Northern Lights #5 x Blueberry 80’s to create this balanced hybrid cannabis with ripe fruit flavours and aromas.

Blue D #5 takes her name from a fusion of the three strains that make up her lineage. Legally operating growers can look forward to flowering times in the region of 70 days and she usually has a noticeable stretch along the way.
Blue D #5 is a big yielding strain – this 50% Indica 50% Sativa cannabis variety delivers bumper crops of dense flowers and a terpene profile of overripe berries and sweet cake tempered with classic old-school kush.
We strongly suspect Blue D #5 will be popular with cannabis seed collectors and legally-operating extraction artists looking to take advantage of her resin production and unique terpene profile.

Bag yourself a classic, old-skool cannabis strain while stocks last.


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