Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake Regular Cannabis Seeds by T.H.Seeds


Product Features

  • Genetics: Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake
  • Indica/Sativa/Hybrid: 70% Sativa – 30% Indica
  • Flowering Times: 55 – 60 Days
  • Taste: Sweet, Cake
  • Sex: Regular
  • Height: 110cm – 150cm

Tastes like a real vanilla cream cake, medium plant, easy to grow and feed. Likes all support and grow techniques. With 3 weeks of vegetative stage and 55-60 days of flowering you will have an amazing result. Resin production and OG type buds make this Birthday Cake the new OG favorite of the crew! Some citrus/sweet terpenes will be coming out early, you are gonna love growing this cultivar.


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