Auto AK-47 Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds by Serious Seeds


Brand Serious Seeds
Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor/Outdoors
Flowering Time 70 Days
Type Mostly Sativa
Indoor Yield 45-70 grams per plant
Seed Type Auto-Flower

Auto AK-47 cannabis seeds from Serious Seeds are exactly what they say on the tin! The long-awaited auto-flowering version of their legendary AK-47 strain.

Legal growers will enjoy the manageability of the stocky, bushy plants that reach 75-100cm upon full maturity. This Sativa-dominant lady has a memorable perfume – Sweet citrus and spiced fruit aromas are heavy and all-pervading. Auto AK-47 produces a lot of resin and has the typical THC-centric potency that we know and love from AK-47.

This auto-flowering strain is not dependent on changes to the photoperiod to begin her bloom phase of growth. Auto-AK will flower in 70 days and legally approved operators can look forward to 45-70 grams per plant as a typical indoor yield.


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