Top Cali Tins On Instagram In 2019

It’s been an eventful year to say the least in the industry! Instagram is thriving, infact, bursting with cali packs and cali tins and a whole host of other medical dispensary bags and custom mylar bags. It’s amazing at how such a piece of packaging has helped enhance and brand flower, in a way we’ve never seen before.

What I find amazing, is how powerful such a custom mylar bag has to enhance a product to the next level, as well as sending a statement, that the product in these cali packs and cali tins is top shelf.

The most popular cali tins of 2019 

Jungle Boy Bags

The picture shows above wedding cake mylar bags from jungle boy bags. These have been the most popular on instagram. 

Cookies SF Packaging

Runtz Mylar Bags

Top Cali Tins or should I say “most popular” have been from big smokeys farm, followed closely by space monkey meds. Diamond cut tins and biscotti boyz were amongst the crowd but weren’t as popular as the big smokeys farm tins or the diamond cut cali tins.